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So I was strollin through the Rainforest....

2012-05-28 17:36:58 by PuRpLe-KusH

And this is what I saw

So I was strollin through the Rainforest....

Purp on Purp on Purp

2011-11-04 19:55:46 by PuRpLe-KusH

Only in California

Purp on Purp on Purp

New Emblem ! 6.4.2011

2011-06-04 18:28:12 by PuRpLe-KusH

A lot of F@gs keep reporting me, but who cares ! I'm the orginal designer of this specific emblem

New Emblem ! 6.4.2011

Do You Like my Emblem ?

2011-04-07 19:51:56 by PuRpLe-KusH

Do You Like my Emblem ?

Do You Like my Emblem ?


2011-01-21 02:37:41 by PuRpLe-KusH

BUST A NUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2010-03-14 03:52:21 by PuRpLe-KusH

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I'm STILL Celebrating!

2010-02-10 07:53:10 by PuRpLe-KusH

My 20th birthday was 2 days ago,YAY!!!!!!!!

Cuz Im fReEStYliN on YoU

2010-01-07 05:01:00 by PuRpLe-KusH

Im chiillen on Newgrounds with a bunch of fagettes / who dont know the difference between Bugs Bunny and Roger Rabbit /Weed Smoking/tried to kick the habbit/ My Cock Im grabbin it,yO tHroat Im stabbin it/ Tell yo MOMS I LUV her?/ And my BAd for not using a RUBBER?/ BUT the BYTCh GAVE ME HERPES/ DAMN this SHYT Burns "G"/ BUT Im STILL a P-I-M-P/ Broke with no Bently/ But thats Off TOPIC/ MY FLOW?/ YOU CANT STOP IT/ LIKE TROLLS ILL ANNOY YOU/ MAKE YOU MAD you READ THIS/ Too much for your brain/ But I Don't give a fuck who you are or what you think/ Because Your life is meaning less/And i hope you know,your sister has a PENIS.

Still Trippin

2009-12-23 07:48:51 by PuRpLe-KusH

Damn I can feel my bones without touching them


2009-08-28 20:41:06 by PuRpLe-KusH

I dun smoked my liquor and drank my weed